Monday, January 14, 2013

Margaret's Grocery

 If you have not been by Margaret's Grocery on North Washington Street in a while, get ready for a shock. The monument that the late Rev. H.D. Dennis built for his wife, Margaret, is quickly disappearing as seen in these photos taken in the last few days. Major pieces of the structure have now fallen and many other pieces have disappeared. Only a couple of the signs are readable. The Ark of the Covenant, which used to be on the front porch, is gone and the rocking chair has disappeared in the last couple of month. I don't know what shape the interior of the home is in, but the lock on the bus is still intact, but I don't know for how much longer.

 Please click on each photo to enlarge so as to see the details of the property.

 The front wall of the home was covered in stories of Rev. Dennis and his castle, but most have rotted away or been ripped down.

 A few pieces of small artwork created by Rev. Dennis are still hanging on.

 This handwritten sign from Rev. Dennis only remains because it is behind a piece of wire fencing.

Above, on the left side of the porch is where the Ark of the Covenant sat. One of the poles to carry it is still there.

 A portion of the right side of the grocery's roof is exposed to the eletments now.

 Rev. Dennis reused and repainted over most of the signs at the store. Here is a message on the back of a sign hanging on the front of the store.

The fascinating part of Rev. Dennis' artwork was how he used small objects in his artwork. This sign is one of the few remaining on the property.

This mirror on the right side of the porch remains unbroken.


  1. Where is this? Is it in Vicksburg? I need to see this quirky place!

  2. I love folk art, and this is so sad to see, Marty. I wish someone had taken care of it. Who owns the property? It was a true piece of Southern Americana. RIP.