Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rodney, MS

 Visited Rodney, Mississippi, this past weekend. The Flood of 2011 took its toll on the town, especially the Rodney Baptist Church, above, which had its interior swirled around by floodwaters. Please click on each photo to enlarge it, to better see the details.
 This is the same photo as the one at top, except with a poster edges filter applied to it.
 Here is the church in color. I love the cupola on top.

 The church doors are wide open now and you can go into the church. The photo above is from the balcony of the church looking down into the sanctuary.

 These pews were all pushed into a corner of the corner.

 The pulpit still stand strong and proud.

 A photo from the small choir loft of the church, directly behind the pulpit.

 The songbook on the piano is in the Rodney Presbyterian Church, which now has its doors wide open.

 A torn hymnal on one of the front pews.

 A view of the church from the rear of the sanctuary.

 The pews have doors in which to enter.

 Above is view of the bell of the church, shot upward from the balcony of the church. That is the bell rope.
 This chair was sitting in the Masonic Lodge, which is now wide open to all who visit. I was expecting to find something a bit more exotic, but did not. There was a stairway to the second floor at the rear of the building, but the floor to that staircase was not something I trusted to walk upon.

 A bench in the front of the lodge.

 A wide angle view of the right side of the first floor.

 The front of the building held these old voting booths.

 The Masonic Lodge. It used to have a sign above the door, which if you visit my other blog, you can see.

 Back to the Rodney Presbyterian Church. This is the piano and round bench  in the back of the church.

 The hole in the balcony floor for the bell rope.

 The balcony of the Rodney Presbyterian Church was quite interesting, featuring only this one pew. If you sat in the pew, you could see the pulpit but not any of the sanctuary pews. The ladder behind the pew leads to the belfry.

Rodney Presbyterian Church, with its famous cannon ball above the center window. With all these buildings exposed to the elements and vandals, they won't be around much longer. Go see them while you can.


  1. Love these pictures!!! I was in Rodney back in October and took photos of these two churches also! I had no idea the first one had been flooded last year! I got some awesome photos of the two old churches! I can tell by your photos that our photo minds are a lot alike!

  2. Is there no one left to take care of these properties? I would assume the Mississippi State Government would step in to protect them. That Presbyterian Church is gorgeous. I can imagine a beautiful wedding there. Alas...