Sunday, January 13, 2013

Save the Sprague

 Once again, I am posting photos of what remains of the Sprague rusting away alongside North Washington Street in Vicksburg. What I consider to be an historic icon of Vicksburg is wasting away, rusting away and taking a piece of Vicksburg with it. Can you imagine if the stern wheel below was refitted with bright red paddles and placed in a pool of shallow water at the Mississippi River Interpretive Center or the Vicksburg Transportation Museum? I can see it now in my mind. And here the city is trying to explain its connection to the river and transportation, while the remains of what was once the largest steamboat in the world -- in the world! -- are hidden in years of vegetation and weeds not more than a mile up the street! It is a travesty and should not be tolerated. Spread the word.

Click on each photo to enlarge it for better viewing.

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